Certificate in Information Security Management

With an ever changing climate of technology and threats (both technical and human), the need for trained security personnel to protect our information becomes increasingly critical. This certification proves that the holder has a good knowledge and understanding of the wide range of subject areas that make up information security management including risk management, technical and management controls, legal framework, people and physical security, security standards (e.g. ISO 27001) and business continuity.

What are the learning outcomes?

The certification is, as far as possible, technology neutral; it tests the knowledge of principles, not knowledge of specific technologies or products. The syllabus now also includes Cloud Computing. Note that training course materials may use specific technical examples to illustrate particular principles, but it is the principles that should be understood from any such use of examples.

Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following upon successful completion of this certification:

  • Knowledge of the concepts relating to information security management (confidentiality, integrity, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks, countermeasures, etc);
  • Understanding of current national legislation and regulations which impact upon information security management;
  • Awareness of current national and international standards, frameworks and organisations which facilitate the management of information security;
  • Understanding of the current business and common technical environments in which information security management has to operate;
  • Knowledge of the categorisation, operation and effectiveness of controls of different types and characteristics.

For further information please read the syllabus

Who is it aimed at?

The certification is intended for those with an interest in information security either as a potential career or as an additional part of their general business knowledge. It is very much a firm foundation on which other more technical qualifications can be built or which provides a thorough general understanding to enable business users of IT to ensure their information is protected appropriately.

Entry Requirements:

There are no formal requirements for entry to the course but the advice is as follows:

  • A knowledge of IT would be advantageous but not essential
  • An understanding of the general principles of information technology security would be useful
  • Awareness of the issues involved with security control activity would be advantageous
  • It is recommended that candidates read the BCS Information Security Management Principles which is the approved reference book for this certification before taking the exam. If taking a course with an accredited training provider other pre course study might be set.

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